Do We Need To Trust Tarot?

Another thing to keep in mind about Tarot Card Reading is that it is based on energy that flows through & out. A lot of people often confuse Tarot Reading with other spiritual sciences like Astrology. All tarot decks are created by human beings. Often two or more people are involved in the process. All of whom will have an influence to some extent. There is usually a writer and an artist. The idea for the deck generally originates from one or the other, though some decks are commissioned by a third party. Does the tarot “know” how to deliver the right card at the right time? What part does chance play in a reading? After all, we shuffle and shuffle, cut, shuffle some more, cut again and turn the cards. It’s supposed to be random. Yet we readers and our clients trust that chance will give us the message we need to know.

Yes, we can surely trust Tarot cards. No-one can tell you why exactly, given the influences I’ve outlined some, yet somehow, the cards are able to hit the nail on the head every time. How do I know this? Because I’ve gone back to my clients and asked them how situations worked out. I’ve read for myself and returned to the readings after a few months. In each case, I am able to see the link between the cards and life’s meandering path. Hindsight is a wonderful and useful tool in the weird and woolly practice of tarot reading. I believe the energy of each Tarot card in a Tarot reading is mostly always right. But it’s how we interpret that energy in a reading that can be a little off. For example, say you get the Five of Cups as an Outcome card for a relationship. You might interpret it as a break-up, but in actual fact it turns out to be a general feeling of disappointment in an ongoing relationship. The energy is the same, but the manifestation of that energy – i.e. how you interpreted it – is different.

How Can Tarot Cards be wrong?

Tarot reading also depends on the reader. If the reader is engaged with lots of unwanted energies he won’t be able to guide you through. So all in all it’s really helpful if it’s done in suitable manner for the client. Many people get benefited due to Tarot like life saving decisions. Marriage, career, some life situations even regarding spirituality, It just depends on the reader whom we consult. When i am doing a Reading, I get some cards, and some intuition suddenly strikes me letting me know about the other person. This reading can even predict and display the people in someone’s life whom even his family doesn’t know like a love affair. However if the person is having lots of negative energies hidden in aura that need to be removed or they won’t allow you to get the answer. Here at this process I had been hurt many times cause of the energies and that’s the most wicked and toughest part. Another thing to keep in mind about Tarot Card Reading is that it is based on energy that flows through & out. A lot of people often confuse Tarot Reading with other spiritual sciences like Astrology. I do this to get the exclusive answer. Tarot consists of a deck of 78 cards. So there isn’t really a question of Tarot being completely right or wrong. The goal of a good tarot reading is not to be “true or false”; it is to give you an idea on what future outcomes might be depending on the path you take.

How Can We Reduce the Risk of the Cards Being Wrong?

Consider that the energy of the cards is there but the story you’re associating with may be wrong. This is easy to fall into if you use a certain deck for a while. For example, in Rider-Waite, the Ten of Swords shows a man stabbed in the back. If you were to read just what is pictured in the card, you’d see a betrayal. However, while each card represents a focused and isolated energy, realize that the energy is faceted. The Ten of Swords, being a 10 card, can simply mean the end of a cycle. Together with the suit of swords, it’s the end of a cycle of great upheaval and change. In this case, the Ten of Swords can actually be a relief.
You can say a prayer before you read or are read for and ask that all that comes from this reading will be for your greater good. Picture it going well.
If you are getting a bad feeling that you shouldn’t go ahead with a reading, please stop yourself and continue reading for a while.
Try to get a recommendation from someone who has already seen that person. Then ask how did they present information and was there anything that worried the person about the reading.
Be careful what you ask for. Are you ready for all the possible answers to that question? What will you do with the answer?
No matter how you try to spin it, some readings indicate that bad luck or a dark period is on its way. When that happens, all you can do is make the best of the situation. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you anytime soon. You’ll likely know if it does, however, because your gloomy reading will probably include one of these doomsday cards. You need to trust your instincts.

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